Suspicious Evening / Kaskaceli Ereko

Our TV doesn’t lack any comedy shows. TV- channel "Shant” is launching a new show called “Suspicious Evening” in the near future. The creators of the show are Garik Papoyan, Robert Martirosyan and Vladimir Sahakyan. The first episode was filmed in Vitamin club on March 2nd. According to Garik Papoyan, the TV industry was in need of fresh shows. Hence, they had decided to come up with something new, interesting, funny and unique at the same time. It is expected that a number of famous politicians, doctors and celebrities will participate in the project. The program will comprise three stages. The point of the game is to expose the opponent’s lies along with a humorous touch. The program is a mix of several familiar shows; however it will be presented in a new way and will not be copying the old ones. It will include countless new elements making it intriguing and interesting to the public. So, we’re looking forward to your reactions! Don’t miss the new show "Kaskaceli Yereko" on