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Paxir Kam Amusnacir (2016/Full Movie)

2017-03-01 0 David
Paxir Kam Amusnacir (2016/Full Movie)
  • Year, Country: 2016, Armenia
  • Category: Armenian Movies
  • Original title: Paxir kam Amusnacir, Run away or get married, Փախիր կամ Ամուսնացիր
  • Director: Hayk Kbeyan
  • Actor: Mkrtich Arzumanyan, Iveta Mukuchyan, Hasmik Alexanian, Aleksandr Arzumanyan, Susanna Arzumanyan, Levon Avetisyan, Shogher Grigoryan, Tigran Gyulymyan, Satenik Hambartzumyan, Smbat Hovhannisyan, Jemma Karagueuzian, Ashot Kardashyan, Armen Kushkyan, Armen Margaryan, Hayk Mirzoyan, Tigran Mnacakanyan, Arevik Santrosyan
  • Premiere: 03 March 2016
  • Sound: Armenian
  • Duration: 101 min
Paxir Kam Amusnacir (Run away or get married) - - 3 Mar in every cinema watch adventure comedy “Run or get married”
The film is about Agasik, an ordinary taxi driver which drives an extraordinary car “the Rocket”, which is very popular with tourists. The film was created by Arshavi Khojoyan, an engineer-designer of the Yerevan Automobile Enterprise – Agasik’s father.
The protagonist is cheerful and a little bit frivolous. One day Satenik, in dress of a bride, who runs from her own wedding, takes his taxi. This event changes Agasik life cardinally...
Adventures, intense story, unique humor and endless romantic game of Mco and Iveta will make you watch the movie from beginning to end without any distraction.
Paxir Kam Amusnacir 1Paxir Kam Amusnacir 1 Paxir Kam Amusnacir 2Paxir Kam Amusnacir 2 Paxir Kam Amusnacir 3Paxir Kam Amusnacir 3 Paxir Kam Amusnacir 4Paxir Kam Amusnacir 4 Paxir Kam Amusnacir 5Paxir Kam Amusnacir 5 Paxir Kam Amusnacir 6Paxir Kam Amusnacir 6
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2017-03-01 0 David
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