» » Zgushaceq Kanayq en (2015/Movie)

Zgushaceq Kanayq en (2015/Movie)

2017-03-01 0 David
Zgushaceq Kanayq en (2015/Movie)
  • Year, Country: 2016, Armenia
  • Category: Armenian Movies
  • Original title: Beware of women, Զգուշացեք կանյք են
  • Director: Henri Qocharyan
  • Actor: Meri Makaryan, Marinka Xachatryan, Hasmik Verdyan, Anais Sardaryan, Perch Abovyan, Henri Qocharyan, Gor Hambardzumyan, Adriana Galstyan, Julieta Stepanyan
  • Premiere: 05 Feb 2016
  • Sound: Armenian
  • Duration: 2 min
Zgushaceq Kanayq en (Beware of women) - what rejected women are capable of… The audience will know soon in a new armenian comedy. The film is about a young man (womanizer), who is having love affair with several women. The hero's fabulous life ends at the moment when, by coincidence, three of his favorites meet in the same place at the same time. From this moment the revenge of ex-girlfriends starts.
The film is based on the play by Andrei Kureichik.
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2017-03-01 0 David
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