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Baxtaber (2015/Full Movie)

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Baxtaber (2015/Full Movie)
  • Year, Country: 2015, Armenia
  • Category: Armenian Movies
  • Original title: Baxtaber, Բախտաբեր
  • Director: Vage Sayan
  • Actor: Eteri Voskanyan, Sos Janibekyan, Anzhela Sargsyan, Sargis Grigoryan, Mariam Adamyan, Sofia Devoyan, Arshavir Panosyan
  • Premiere: 8 October 2015
  • Sound: Armenian
  • Duration: 92 min
Baxtaber is a sequel of Baxtaber series. Action takes place “a year after; the film will tell the story of this year, it will be known why the heroine appeared at the court charged with the murder of David, the main character. Previously, in the series, there was much told about the Miriam’s child, which was expected to be born... All these secret facts will be revealed in this film”.
Baxtaber 1Baxtaber 1 Baxtaber 2Baxtaber 2 Baxtaber 3Baxtaber 3 Baxtaber 4Baxtaber 4 Baxtaber 5Baxtaber 5 Baxtaber 6Baxtaber 6
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2017-01-16 0 armserial
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