Moto Loto

In the first part of the movie, father of the leaves his family to go and live with very rich but very old woman. His wife leaves the house in a very stressful condition, and accidently a motorcycle hits her. The threatened biker noticing extremely angry children of the woman immediately flees from there. And this is where all starts. A 500 million winning lottery ticket falls from the pocket of the biker. Lonely mother and her children take the ticket and become millionaires. They buy a marvelous house just next to the house of the father of the family, who had left them alone.

Moreover, in the movie there are two glamourous girls, who are unemployed for some reasons an try to earn money with a variety of methods. They somehow appear to be in the house of lucky mother as servants. Mother treats them as her slaves despite it her fat and ugly daughter makes girls to suffer. The ugly daughter tries to attract the bodyguard who works in their house while the bodyguard tries to catch the beautiful servants.

As the motorcycle is the reason of the found lucky ticket, the movie is called Moto Lotto.