Mexramis (Honeymoon)

This TV-show features two main heroes, which is a novelty for Armenian television. Both of them have equal action going on around them. So, Dina and Arsen decide to get married but they clearly do not love each other. Aram, Arsen’s brother, arrives from the States to attend his brother’s wedding. But having seen the coldness and estrangement between the couple, gets really upset and decides to leave this unpleasant wedding early. Aram is in deep thought. After a sharp conversation with his brother, Aram is so buried in his thought that he is driving the car inattentively. As a result, he hits Sara, an orphan who was brought up in the orphanage after the death of her parents. She has always dreamed of a big friendly family, the one she saw with her parents before the accident. She even had a boyfriend, but he was caught in bed with a director of the orphanage. Her dreams collapsed… And now Sara meets Aram, it changes their lives, and things get very unpredictable. In this TV-show tele-viewers get the chance to look at a real loving family, how it appears and what it involves.