The main character of a new sitcom “Change” is Hovhannes Azoyan, and he is going to play two roles instead of one. This comic project will be shown November 1 on Armenia Premium. In this 24-series entertaining sitcom Hovhannes Azoyan plays both a criminal kingpin Virab and an unsuccessful but honest actor Marсel. His colleagues are Armen Margaryan, Artur Nalbandyan, Mariam Melikyan, Lilit Haroyan, Ani Kocharyan, Ani Petrosyan and others.

“I guess I like the negative character better, this “desperately” evil, severe criminal. I’ve always wanted to play a multilayer character, but I must mention that every negative person has a positive side. My roles are different in character and in appearance, my style and my haircut change drastically. My main colleague is Armen Margaryan, I’ve always wanted to play with him, and finally I have such an opportunity”, says the actor.

In “Change”, Hovhannes Azoyan’s colleague is Armen Margaryan, the producer is Grigor Vahramyan and the script writer is Ashot Abraamyan. As Hovhannes has announced, the sitcom will be shown twice a week.