Cart Blanch

In the TV series works a marvelous team of actors: Vigen Stepanyan, Samvel nshanyan, Rudolf Ghevondyan and others. As stated by Vigen Stepanyan, who plays the role of Aris Arnautyan, his hero is able to go for any risk. He contrives a dangerous game just to gain information about his friends. ”I tried to play one, who never loses his hope for the last chance- for the Card Blanc”- told the actor. Another very renowned actor- Jhan Nshanyan noticed that the importance and excellence of the film is the professional acting team and that not a single amateur actor played in the movie. He told about his role: “My hero is Haik. The name for me I chose in honor of my friend who dies two years ago. However, their lifestyles have nothing similar.”

“I won’t go much further, I can only say that this time I chose an absolutely different role, in which feel myself for the first time. The only thing in the role that is identical is that I am again an oligarch who owns a lot of money and big opportunities”- tells Samvel Sargsyan, who played in the movie of Edmond Sureniats.

The actor who played Artashes Aramian – Rudolf Ghevondian stressed the psychological subtleties of his hero who overcame family tragedy that is his wife with his son went to live in United States. However, there is something that ties them and makes him proud of his son. He grew up and became a policeman like him. He notices – “My hero definitely will achieve justice he is more than simply a policeman, he overcame many thing during his life, was in an environment where people lie professionally, is very kind but professional in his work. These kinds of people are always exemplary for others.”

The film promises to be extremely interesting at the same time there are many things that can also educate and develop people. Do not miss all new TV series Cart Blansh in the site