Hayk Marutyan is coming back with a comic project “The Azizyan Family”. The sitcom will be shown on Armenia Premium TV channel starting October 31 and will be available for Ucom subscribers. “The television break was due to finance – we wanted a good studio and equipment. We will try to make a high-quality product”, Hayk remarked. The main character of a family sitcom is Hayk himself – he plays Garnik Azizyan. The project also features Satenik Hazaryan, Ishkhan Gharibyan, Suren Arustamyan and others.

In this sitcom, the main character is a clothes store seller, his wife is too lazy even to do housework. “As in many Armenian families, the only working person is the father. He slaves away all day long to make both ends meet, and the other members of the family live large. His three children do not care about their father’s problems. His daughter is a glamorous singer, surfing social networks all day long; his elder son does not work or study and his youngest son is only a schoolboy. My character is like those good fathers who care about the family but are always upset about the money being wasted. Naturally, the conflicts between the father and the family are inevitable.”

According to Hayk, the sitcom was inspired by one of his favorite American TV shows. “We loved watching it when we were youngsters, and I’ve always dreamed of making something of the kind, but in Armenian style. The script was written quite recently, it’s about an American family in 80’s. We only took the idea of a father being the only working person in the family; while the others only spend. I still watch this show with great pleasure, though the humor and the topics are out of date.”

This sitcom is produced by Hayk Marutyan and his brother Arman Marutyan, who is also a director. “Casting was mainly performed by Arman, I only took a small part in it. We were casting the actors for a very long time – found the youngest one recently. Children are the hardest part, but we are happy with our choice.

It must be noted that the sitcom is going to have new seasons, but it is still unknown when the movie will be available online. “It is our contract with Armenia TV – we produce and sell the product, and how to watch it is up to the customer. I had the same question, but it’s not in my competence. I don’t know how my family and friends are going to watch it, since we are not subscribed to Ucom euther. I’m also looking forward to the follow-up.”